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Bullion Money is Australia’s premium bullion distributor of the exclusive PAMP (Produits Artistiques Métaux Précieux) range of products including PAMP Gold bullion bars and Silver bullion bars. You can purchase the wide range of PAMP products by visiting our online store or our showroom located in Sydney, Australia.

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Personal Prestige. Brand Distinction.Trusted Value

Authenticity & Identification – Each bar is individually registered and sealed in protective Certicard packaging, along with an official Assay Certificate that guarantees fine precious metals content and weight

Exacting Quality Standards – PAMP quality begins at the assay facilities, supervised by sworn assayers accredited by the Swiss Federal Bureau for the Control of Precious Metals.

Accredited by the Swiss Federal Bureau – Produced using the highest Swiss engineering skills at a modern, high technology refinery, the best assurance of consistent quality. Due to the exacting standards required by Swiss law, Swiss gold is the most popular gold obtainable and is amongst the purest.

Fine Details – An exceptional high quality finish is an internationally recognized PAMP signature. The handsome designs add value to the fine precious metals content, making PAMP bars coveted collectibles.

PAMP the Pioneers in the Bullion market

As one of the world’s leading precious metals refineries and fabricators, PAMP is particularly well regarded for its pioneering spirit, as evidenced in 1977 by the introduction of a wide variety of decorative designs on the reverse side of its small bars. An industry first, the aim has been not only to extend the frontiers of bullion bar concepts, but also to place new emphasis on the intrinsic beauty – and therefore value – of precious metals overall. As a result, the extensive collection of decorative motifs has opened up new doors for ingots as investments and memorable gifts, suitable for all occasions, in every market.

PAMP the Leaders in the Bullion market

Today, PAMP controls more than half of the world market for gold bullion bars weighing less than 50-grams. The introduction of Fortuna-embellished silver, platinum and palladium bars has also met with resounding international success.

Signed, Certicard packaging guarantees the qualities, weight and assayed precious metal content of every bar leaving the refinery.

PAMP accredited by the London Good Delivery

For investors looking for the benchmark in international bullion acceptance, London Good Delivery is the ultimate certification. Since 1919, London Good Delivery has been the world standard in market acceptable bullion, opening investors to a new world of liquidity.
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